Jim Pickering



When I was younger, I fulfilled a boyhood dream of mine by driving 18 wheelers coast-to-coast for J.B. Hunt and Schnieder National Carriers for a few years. I have driven on every Interstate highway in the continental 48 states and a few highways in Canada. In my down time, I would read computer books. One day, an opportunity presented itself where an entrepreneurial friend of my dad’s needed a Webmaster at his small company, and I got the job. He was sharing an office with a larger Web Development firm, who was using ColdFusion.

I have been writing ColdFusion (CFML) for more than 20 years for teams at: Sprint; Embarq; Bayer; Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; Patient Resource, LLC; and SkillPath Seminars (along with some other technologies and languages used along the way). I am a hybrid, self-taught developer, who got started on the design side and transitioned to working as a full stack web developer. I am an excellent communicator, comfortable serving as a translator of sorts, translating "geek-speak" into plain English so business people can have understanding. In the past year, I have been loving my adventures with React, the frontend technology I prefer above all others.

If your company is looking to expand the team, or needs a "jackofwebtrades" consultant to get things moving forward, I could be who you're looking for. Let's talk.

My Gmail is: jackofwebtrades

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